Facebook Free——>update


It has been more than a week that we have been Facebook free and overall not so bad. Yes there have been times when I really have wanted to just do a quick check in to see what I have missed out on but it has not been as challenging as I anticipated. In the moments I have caught myself wanting to log on and check things out I spend a few moments in prayer. I have been more active in my devotionals and in memorizing scripture since I have stepped back from using Facebook.

In a way it base been a relief not being on Facebook and having that constant connection with the social media world. I have found this division from Facebook to bring a very peaceful and relaxing feeling to have this separation.

Yes when the two weeks is up I plan to log back into Facebook and rejoin social media world once again but will do so with a very cognitive effort to limit the amount of time and energy I put into it.

My amazing husband and I have been continuing to get up and have our morning scripture and prayer time over coffee and we have really been getting a lot out of this. It really sets the pace for our day when we are able to start our day in the presence of our Lord. We haven’t been perfect and on a couple of mornings exhaustion has overcome and we snooze the alarm too many times to have this time to start out day and we can really notice a difference in our day when we don’t begin it with time for God, even when it is just for a few moments. I am very happy to see these changes in us and we will continue to spend time each morning with each other in the presence of God.

Our scripture for this week we are working on memorizing is
“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12
Love this verse, it is short but says so much.

We will always have joy in our hope, no matter what our circumstance in life we will always have joy in Christ. Our sin out Him on the cross and our eternal salvation is secured through Him, we can always have joy in our salvation and the promise of eternity with our Heavenly Father.

We need to be calm and uncomplaining during trials and afflictions we are surely to face.

We must be constant and dedicated in prayer, being devoted and continuous in our prayer we will be in constant communication with The Lord that He may guide us and direct out steps to do His will.

Thank You Lord for the challenges that I have faced this week, that they have brought me closer to You. This has been a difficult week for me, but God has been faithful and given me strength to stand through each day.