Shhhhh! They still don’t know….

About a year and a half ago I started selecting a verse a week with the intention of memorizing them.  With the chaos our house calls life this was not as successful as I had hoped so very soon had changed my intentions to have a ‘study verse’ rather than a memory verse.  I write it in my journal and notecards to keep with me.  

Some weeks I do actually commit the verse to memory, while some weeks are more along the lines of reading the verse several times a day as a reminder.  I also plug it into scripture typer app on my phone and review all the verses I have studied week to week.

Then last month started feeling like I could be doing more with this study verse challenge.  Doing it on my own just felt like something was missing and that I could be getting more out of this.  My intentions were good but my methods needed some upgrading.

So I spread out my mission to include my husband and our older children without them knowing what I was up to!  

I have been writing out the verse on a notecard complete with color and occasional artwork for each one of them.  I pass them out with a love note on the back telling them that Jesus loves them and so do I.  

I have not once told them to memorize these or that they were supposed to do anything with them.  I simply pass them out and ask them at different times in the car ride to read it to me, so they can help me remember it 😉. And the end result the first week was all three older kids memorized it!  

The second youngest, Richard is not quite up to the ability of memorizing these but he is up to having 3 almost 4 commandments memorized.  Just by talking about them and quizzing the other kids who know them and race to answer them first.

So at the end of that first week a success we made a 711 stop for some slurpees as a treat!  I’m so proud of how well they have all done with this.  We are on week three as last week was a success as well.  I’m praying for slurpees again this Friday 😀

This is our study verse for the week.  

‘For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.’  Romans 6:23

Love them! ❤️😀😎


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