A Mother is Blessed When She Endures

Indeed we count them blessed who endure. James 5:11

As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you. Isaiah 66:13

God has been so wonderful to bless me with my eldest child, Joshua my son who is turning 11 years old today. I am so thankful and so blessed with raising this wonderful boy and watching him grow into this incredible young man. What a privilege that God gave me when He made a mother.

There are times through the ups and downs of being a mom that I question myself and fight the overwhelming feeling that I am failing my child. Last year I read Rick Johnson’s book titled “That’s my son.” and he wrote something in there that will stick with me forever.

Rick Johnson writes “God loves you, he loves your son. God has wonderful things in store for your son. He purposely chose you, out of all the women in the world, to be your son’s mother. God knew the struggles and challenges you would face. He knew all your faults and failures as a mother, and yet he still chose you as the right person to raise his child-because he also knew all your strengths and skills. Truly, you are worthy to be your son’s mother, an awesome woman.”

How AWESOME is that! I love what he writes here and when I need a reminder or encouragement I will go back to this book and read this passage over and over.

My children are such a precious gift from God. I wonder frequently do they know how thankful I am for them or how much they are loved? Am I doing a strong enough job of telling them these important messages. I am afraid with the hectic details of each day I fail to express this to them in a way they can truly appreciate how wonderful they are.

Today I reflect on being thankful, to go to the Lord with thanksgiving in my heart. I can not teach my children to be truly thankful with just my words I need to demonstrate to them how to show thanks to our Lord and to each other. To have genuine gratitude for each and every blessing God has given us. I know that I need to grow in this area, I am realizing that my children’s thanksgiving or lack of is a direct result of my own. It is humbling to reflect and really evaluate how I need to develop and improve my heart and attitude in giving and showing thanks and gratitude.

” Heavenly Father,

I pray that I can continue to grow and change, I seek Your wisdom and strength to learn how to be truly thankful and to be able to show this to my children through my own words and actions. Lord please let the love that Jesus has for me flow through me to my children. I commit my heart as Your child and as a mother to put You first, let the joy of The Lord surround me as I share the knowledge of Your love with my children.

Thank You Lord for this wonderful day, for all of Your provisions, for Matt and his love, for my children, for our family, but most of all thank You for Your mercy and grace, thank You for sending Your son Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins. In Jesus Name I pray~ Amen”


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