God is always patient…I am not…



Over the last several weeks I have struggled with anger and frustration over situations beyond my control. I have been guilty of allowing these feelings of anger and frustration have power over my thoughts, actions and words. These past few days God is leading me to learn how to let go of these destructive feelings. This has been quite a struggle and challenge for me and I can now see so clearly I need to be patient. I need to be patient with God’s plan, to really be able to embrace Him and trust Him during difficult situations.

I have really felt the Lord working within me, I am learning and growing in being patient and have so much to learn. I am and always will be a ‘work in progress’ as I grow as a Christian, this is an ongoing process, as long as I am breathing on this Earth I will be learning and growing in my relationship with Christ.

I need to be patient in all areas:

– with God’s plans for my life

-in my relationships, with Matt, our children, my family

-with myself

-with my words and actions

-with the hustle and bustle of the daily routine

So as I embark on this journey with Matt to lead and guide our children to become thankful children of Christ I set my prayer and focus on learning and growing in patience. I will choose to let go of control, anger, frustration. I will allow the circumstances of each day and each challenge to change me into the woman God has made me to be.

My scripture reading tonight led me to James 1:2-4
“My brethren count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

I absolutely love this passage, the truth in how testing your faith with trials produces patience, that God will test us to bring out the best. I am always in awe when I take time to reflect on all the trials I have faced over my life and see how awesome God was in each and every trial. Even in the times of my life when I was not faithful to Him He was ALWAYS there with me. When I was blinded by the ways of the world and hiding from God He was patient and faithful to me- God’s love never fails, my heart needs to change and extend the same patience God has for me to all areas of my life starting in myself, my family and home.

“Dear Heavenly Father
Thank You for blessing me, for loving me, for not giving up on me, for the sacrifice of Your son for my sins. Thank You for Matt and his love for me and our family, thank You for our children and the privilege of being parents. I pray to grow and learn how to be patient, to show patience in my words, actions, thoughts, I pray to learn how to be patient in all areas my life. I pray that with each trial I face I can become more patient. Lord You know what is best and Your will be done in my life. I pray for strength, courage, wisdom and guidance as I take this next step in our journey.


One thought on “God is always patient…I am not…

  1. This is so amazing and so true. It is so easy to let our feelings and emotions dictate our actions and behavior. Especially towards those we love the most.
    This is a hard thing to do to put down your emotions and attitude to think more about others.
    I love the line in the casting crowns song called all you’ve ever wanted. It says this “i’ll stop living off of how I feel and start standing on your truth revealed Jesus is my strength and shield”
    This is something I work on daily to stop living off of how I feel in an exact moment and start living off of how Jesus feels for me.
    Thank you Ingrid for giving me something more to think about this morning as we press on towards teaching our children to be thankful followers of Christ.

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