The beginning…

I anticipate this undertaking to be challenging and difficult however it is most likely the most significant task I will have as a parent. Raising a child in general is indisputably one of the most demanding and complicated roles you will ever find yourself. There is no set of rules or guidelines to follow, you will always be questioning yourself and most of the time feel like your are failing in some way as a parent.

These past few weeks I have found my attention on the lack of gratitude I can see so regularly in my children’s behavior.  As this has weighed more and more heavily on me, I am realizing how they have really had everything given to them.  They have never needed or even wanted for ANYTHING!  Yes they do say “thank you” most of the time but this is more out of manners and to be polite not because the genuinely are thankful.  My children have come to just ‘expect’ certain things are provided for them. This is really very disturbing to me as I delve deeper into discovering the cause of this is on me, I have created this in them.  It has not been without good intentions, I have worked hard so they have not had to ‘need or want’ for anything in life but I am staring into the harsh reality in how this has become a bad thing.

In this technology driven and self-centered society we live in today my kids are right in the middle of it.  Currently 3 of our kids have iPhones and 2 have iPods.  They are so completely and utterly spoiled.  It is our fault as parents.  We in a sense our failing our kids allowing them to be so caught up in this modern society of electronics and immediate gratification.  They just assume what they have and are accustomed to that everyone as the same things they do.  Along this journey we as parents will be working towards changing their hearts and minds. Teach them to step outside of today’s mindset of  “ME ME ME” and “must have bigger and better” and learn to love Christ in a way that they come to see that He is all they need, truly guide them to understand the concept of JOY- Jesus Others Yourself.  This will be a learning and growing experience not JUST for our kids but for us as parents.  We will have to lead by example which means transforming the way we will as well.

This is not going to be an easy task, we have our work out out for us.  We will start small and learn as we go, praying and looking to God for guidance along the way.  So my mind, heart and soul are set and determined to make it my mission to essentially take my kids back to the basics…back to ground zero… and show them first and most important their need for Christ, to love themselves and each other, how to appreciate life and what they have in this life, I am going to teach and show my children how to be THANKFUL CHILDREN OF CHRIST!


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